Chinatown is home to a large Chinese immigrant population. Tourism and restaurants are the major industries that are found in Chinatown, New York. Manhattan’s Chinatown is both a residential area as well as commercial area. The housing stock of Chinatown is mostly composed of cramped tenement buildings, some over a hundred years old. Chinatown is a great place to learn from the Chinese Culture. Chinatown is a tourist attraction of Chinese culture. Chinatown still continues to grow, and it is the place to meet diverse people. Chinatown offers visitors and residents a variety of restaurants and entertainment.

After the years of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, a large population of Chinese immigrants arrived to Chinatown. Chinese New Year is a big festivity in Chinatown. Everyone, including Chinese-Americans, gather around in Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year. 2008 will be considered the year of the rat. Red and gold are the favorite colors for the Chinese New Year. Chinese celebrations in Chinese-America