SOHO is an artistic neighborhood in Downtown, New York. This particular neighborhood is associated with the arts. SOHO boasts the greatest collection of cast-iron architecture in the world. Cast iron was initially used as a decorative front over a pre-existing building. One of the most unique shopping areas of the world, SOHO exceeds every shopper expectation. There are art stands all-around that demonstrates the beauty and art of SOHO.

In the case of food, there are many choices of restaurants and Cafes. Enjoy a sushi lunch and have dinner at a Bistro. There are a variety of International Cuisines all over SOHO. You will live a life as a New Yorker in SOHO, which is in the heart of downtown, New York.

Finally, SOHO is a great place to enjoy any romantic occasion. Stylish lounges and elegant wine bars are located all around SOHO. SOHO is a neighborhood of beauty and joy.